The Classic Spa - $30
Inspire Classic Pedicure

Rest your body and relax in a warm foot bath, nail and cuticle care, cooling gel, sea salt scrub and warm towel wrap will follow. Scented lotion massage will be applied followed by polish application.

Milk & Honey Pedi - $55

Indulge yourself in this rich and luxurious pedicure experience. Honey & Milk have many properties that help repair and hydrate the skin. As you soak your feet in a warm and aromatic milk bath, tension and stress will be released thanks to the silky and soothing formula. After the soak, you are treated with an invigorating sugar scrub leaving you silky new skin to apply our milk masque. While your feet are dipped in hot paraffin and your legs are wrapped with warm towels, you will be carried far away with a relaxing hot stone massage and a touch of milk butter lotion. This experience leaves you with a deep level of relaxation, radiant skin and beautiful nails.

White Tea & Ginger Pedi - $55

White Tea and Ginger are well known for their exceptional properties. This pedicure treatment deeply soothes, nourishes and renews your skin's healthy, youthful texture and appearance. Green tea neutralizes free radicals and reverses sun damage. Ginger contains around 40 antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage and protect against aging. After the aromatic relaxing soak, your feet are scrubbed with sea salt and then applied with our blended natural masque. While your feet are dipped in hot paraffin and your legs are wrapped with warm towels, the hot stone massage followed with blended tea and ginger lotion work their magic to restore skin tone to its best radiance while soothing away all your stress. You are now in your utmost Zen moment.

Tropical Citrus Pedi - $55

Rest your senses while your feet are relaxed in an aromatic tropical bath with slices of orange & lime. The rich source of Vitamin C helps destroy free radicals while providing a radiant glow to your skin. After the relaxing soak, your feet are treated with sugar scrub and then applied with our blended natural tropical masque. While your feet are dipped in hot paraffin and your legs are wrapped with warm towels, you are taken to a tropical paradise with a relaxing hot stone massage, followed with blended citrus lotion. This will leave your skin radiantly glowing and you wondering if you are on a tropical island sipping a margarita.

Organic Lavender Pedi - $65

Come with us to a wonderful lavender land. This warm organic pedicure offers relief and relaxation for the most aching soles. The warm lavender soak helps eliminate toxins while being treated to classic maintenance for your feet. The intense but relaxing scrub not only buffs away dead skin cells but also helps to open pores for deeper penetration. The mud masque in warm towels and hot paraffin wax works to keep in moisture while heated stones massaged with a heat releasing oil stimulates and improves blood circulation. This treatment is so relaxing that it will make you wonder if you ever want to leave lavender land.

Organic Pomegranate Pedi - $65

Rest your back and enjoy this awesome pedicure experience. With anti-aging & wrinkle delaying properties, pomegranates are well known to rejuvenate your skin both internally and externally. Start your feet off in a warm aromatic bath followed by an invigorating scrub made of pomegranate extracts that will buff away dead skin cells. The wonderful benefits of pomegranate immediately leave your skin feeling smooth and completely revitalized. A milk masque with warm towels are applied around your legs while your feet are dipped in hot paraffin. A hot stone massage using pomegranate infused lotion brings you a deep level of relaxation, taking all your worries and stress away and leaving you feeling refreshed and wonderful.

Organic Green Tea Pedi - $65

Relax your mind and body as you dip your feet into a warm organic bath that is rich in antioxidants and aids in nourishing and softening your skin. After receiving the basic maintenance for nails and cuticles, fall deeper into relaxation as the exfoliating sugar scrub made from a blend of herbal green tea extracts is buffed into the skin to remove impurities. A tension relieving masque is then applied and wrapped by hot towels. Finally, submerge those replenished toes into our warm paraffin wax before getting those aches and pains massaged away by warm stones with our milk butter made of herbal ingredients and an essence of green tea that will leave you relaxed and your skin firm. An ultimate treatment to reward yourself - because you deserve it.


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